Sea Change: The Story So Far

Established in 2019, Sea Change had a resolute goal: to inspire, include, and employ autistic and disabled adults.

Our journey began with a pilot project ‘The Lab Kitchen,’ a partnership between The National Lottery and AutismAble (local champions of inclusive employment, and training).

With some data and a growing customer base from ‘The Lab Kitchen’, we found the confidence to set our sights higher – to create a high street cafe that would make a lasting impact.

Thanks to incredible support from our local community and an army of dedicated volunteers, we transformed an empty derelict space into a thriving, fully functional cafe and training kitchen.

Beyond our menu, Sea Change offers gallery space for local artists, a community cinema, live music, and a range of events, including a weekly neurodivergent social club, employability training, DJ nights, buskers, drumming, yoga, and wreath making.

As we fast forward to 2024, the cafe now proudly employs 17 paid staff members, has 2 dedicated volunteers, and offers training to a minimum of 16 individuals annually. We recently served our 34,000th customer!

However, over the past months, unforeseen challenges have emerged, impacting the sustainability of our beloved cafe. Our energy providers have hiked charges by nearly 400%, and food and drink suppliers raised prices by up to 100%.

Given the current economic climate, it’s just impossible for us to pass these costs onto our loyal customers.

Our Cafe has flourished largely due to the support of our community. We welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can strengthen our current offerings and sustain our venue.

Your support means the world to us, and with your help, we can continue making a Sea Change in the lives of those we serve.

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