About Us

Who We Are

We started out as a small group of people who were passionate about our work and determined to do better. With a lot of learning, hard graft, and commitment – we became a tight-knit team of kitchen and wait staff. Now we can’t wait to be the highlight of your day, the heroes of your hunger and the taste of our town.

Determination to turn that tide.

Unemployment. Isolation. Lack of opportunity. It’s a tide that millions of UK adults diagnosed with autism and learning difficulties – have been hit by, for too long.

Sea Change was established with a determination to turn that tide – by offering inspiration, inclusion and employment to adults with a diagnosis that have the talent to contribute and be recognised.

This isn’t just about doing good. It’s about serving great food from an ace venue – all while opening opportunities, raising the bar as an employer – and bringing about a Sea Change in attitudes.

Sensitive skills training. Empowering employment.

For some of us, learning can feel more like a maze than a curve.

Sea Change Cafe helps people navigate that learning journey, by providing a safe environment that is sensitive to the needs of our talented team.

Our LabKitchen is the result of close collaboration with AutismAble – local champions of inclusive education, employment and training.

It’s a space where students with bags of potential learn to express themselves, build new skills, and achieve their ambitions.

It offers our people the opportunity to grow through teambuilding, communication, food hygiene, and customer service skills. As well as taking part in a host of other learning and growth opportunities along the way.

Gradually, they learn what it takes to run a top-class kitchen and café – while exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

It’s an intensive process that sees our people develop themselves, as well as developing the dishes that make Sea Change unique.

The Result?

We are changing perceptions, and benefitting from the commitment of great staff – who smile every day and mean it. Because we recognise incredible talent for what it is, and take the right steps to help it flourish.

With experience, empathy and energy – we aid our people to reach their potential, and support their passion to deliver top-notch dining that is unique to the locality.

By experiencing a holistic range of training and qualifications, eager AutismAble students become valued Sea Change staff – who’ve prepped themselves with the same level of dedication they’ll put into prepping your food.

It means we are able to offer a landmark employment opportunity to adults in our region with autism and learning difficulties.

It’s a business model that we hope will go tidal.